• Do you want better Performance & Results?

    We believe that Continuous Improvement lies at the heart of sustained success for any organisation.

  • Do you want to build a culture of excellence?

    We believe that people will deliver excellence in the right culture with the right support.

  • Do you want engaged employees to deliver improvement?

    We believe that with appropriate training and coaching, teams will engage to make everyone’s time more productive and satisfying.

Our clients have delivered fantastic results

We aim to be your best guide to help you deliver improvement and strive for excellence.

  • 94%

    Reduction of patient delivery leadtime

    Health Equipment Provision

  • 1000

    Jobs per annum capacity increase

    Building Repair Organisation

  • £1m

    Decrease in unnecessary inventory holding

    Mechanical Parts Supplier

  • 84%

    Improvement in turn-around time

    Commercial Waste Organisation

  • +4%

    Margin increase from product quality transformation

    Automotive Supplier

  • 11%

    Reduction in customer queries for payments

    Funding Group

  • 30

    Process improvements in construction planning process

    Planning Consent Authority

  • Zero

    Lag time in absence reporting - down from 4 days

    HR Department

  • 18%

    Efficiency gain in bottle filling process

    Pharmaceutical Business

  • 48%

    Reduction in freight cost

    Oil & Gas Company

  • 15%

    Reduction in tooling costs

    Machine shop

  • 17%

    Faster time to quote

    Custom tubing business

Continuous Improvement - our area of expertise

Good for employee engagement, business performance and the economy as a whole

Lean & Six Sigma

The best approach to improving your processes and delivering better results.

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Rapid Problem Solving

We drive focused workshops that give you fast results for the long term.

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Training & Coaching In Continuous Improvement

We build the Continuous Improvement capability in your department, division, organisation.

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Excellence Culture

We help you to devise and deliver Operational Excellence and Cultural Change initiatives

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  • I continue to select Colin as our improvement partner

    Brian McLennan, Operational Excellence, Sartorius Stedim

  • Colin Barr helped me transform our manufacturing operations

    Derek McIntyre, Site Director, Vernacare

  • My first choice for Lean Six Sigma training

    Lynne McConnell, CEO Central Pharma

  • Colin's style is very engaging, the feedback from our people has been fabulous

    David O'Byrne, Global Operational Excellence, Argenta

  • Helped me achieve significant yield improvement and cost reductions

    Leanne Bartholomew, Director of Operations, John McGavigan Ltd

  • Colin helped my team win two national Lean Six Sigma Awards

    Graham Mirtle, Business Improvement, North Ayrshire Council

  • His "Change Leader" initiative became the cornerstone of our transformation journey

    Alan Milby, Transformation Director, Babcock International

  • We're developing "The William Grant Way"; co-created by Colin Barr

    Kenny Malone, Global Head of Continuous Improvement, William Grant & Sons

Our mission is to help people lead and deliver improvement and strive for excellence.

We train, coach, partner in all areas of Business and Operational Excellence. Our methods include Lean and Six Sigma and incorporate Cultural Change.

We will help you achieve higher performance levels, improve processes, reduce costs, eliminate unnecessary waste and solve particular problems.

We provide this service through a combination of training, coaching and consultancy.

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