Who we are

We help organisations to improve processes, achieve better results, delight customers & increase employee satisfaction

Our interest is in helping organisations improve processes to achieve better performance and customer satisfaction.

We employ a variety of techniques in order to achieve these objectives and whilst we are not ‘wedded’ to any particular methodology, Lean Six Sigma, and Performance Management are some of our core tools. We deliver training, coaching and project leadership in Lean Six Sigma.

We have provided these services to an extremely wide variety of clients since the business was formed in 2001. Our client list, which totals more than 100, includes Public Sector, Private Sector and Third Sector organisations.

Our contact details are here.

Training (Online and In Person):

  • Our training capability ranges from delivering Introductory Level to In-depth Level courses on Continuous Improvement. For example, we have trained over 200 people to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt level and more than 750 to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt level from a dozen different countries. A dedicated group of our trainees are now practicing Master Black Belts.
  • Our courses can be delivered Online or In Person and usually include Project Coaching sessions as part of the programme.
  • Our training content, delivery and style has received nothing but plaudits since the business was formed. We have stacks of feedback data to share if required.

Project Coaching & Delivery:

  • Learning the theory is essential however our coaching and mentoring of participants in applying the theory has helped them deliver multi-million pound cost savings, and significant improvements in customer satisfaction for their organisations.
  • We can deliver projects directly ourselves, or coach your people on how apply what they've learned to achieve significant goals.
  • We coach either one-to-one or in small groups.

Operational Excellence & Cultural Change:

  • The sustainability of improvement efforts is maximised when the organisation's culture is right.
  • We have designed and deployed Operational Excellence processes and programmes to support cultural change within organisations.
  • We continue to be engaged by clients as partners in significant transformation efforts.

Rapid Improvement Facilitation:

  • We have led countless Rapid Improvement Workshops to deliver successful outcomes within concentrated timescales.
  • The content and scope of these workshops (sometimes called "Kaizen Blitz") has been extraordinary and can address pretty much any aspect of your business.
  • We receive regular feedback where participants are surprised and delighted at the progress they have made in the space of a few days.