Excellence Culture

We help you to devise and deliver Operational Excellence and Cultural Change initiatives

Perhaps you’ve heard of the “Toyota Way”?

What’s Your Way?

We help organisations, small and large, to create their very own Operational Excellence and Cultural Change processes.

Your organisation has its own specific challenges and priorities and simply picking up someone else’s route to excellence and placing that on your business is unlikely to be successful.

It’s important for you to devise your own path to excellence. We can help you do this and support you at every step of the journey.

We are engaged with organisations as partners in creating and delivering Excellence processes specific to their current situation and future aspirations.

We can help you to define what “Excellence” looks like for your business, establish where you are relative to this standard, and support you in closing the gaps.


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What We Offer

Do you have a systematic approach for your journey to excellence?

Published research shows that organisations which have taken a systematic approach to achieving Business or Operational Excellence achieve their strategic objectives faster.

We can help you in the following areas:

  • Determine the key Components Of Success (COS) for your organisation
  • Establish what “Excellence” means specifically for your operation / business
  • Capture, in fine detail, the relationships between your Components Of Success and the Excellence level you aspire to
  • Develop your internal Excellence Change Team
  • Build enthusiasm, commitment and urgency in your people for achieving excellence
  • Create your new set of Guiding Principles for how excellence will be achieved
  • Deliver an assessment, including metrics, of your current reality versus future aspiration
  • Provide tools to prioritise your required improvement activity
  • Train your people on systematic ways to close the gaps and achieve “excellence”
  • Provide mechanisms for you to track progress and monitor results
  • Propose ways to build on success and recognise the contributions of your employees
  • Put all of the above into your very own “Excellence Model” – your framework for success.

Our approach

Operational Excellence doesn’t have to be complicated!

Our view is that, too often, prescribed routes to achieving Operational Excellence have become overly complicated, too theoretical and heavily burdened with dogma.

That’s not our way.

We believe in practical plans and methods grounded in the realities of modern business.

We are only too aware that organisations operate within an environment of change including:

  • Political change
  • Economic change
  • Social change
  • Technological change
  • Environmental change
  • Legal change

Hence we recognise that your route to Excellence has to be dynamic in nature to respond to the above as necessary.

We believe that people will only engage in and respond to the challenge of achieving excellence if they can see and understand the way forward. They need clear and simple mechanisms that take their work group forward, and the right help and support along the way.