Lean & Six Sigma

The best way to target improvement opportunities and deliver results that make an impact

Providing Training, Coaching and Consultancy

Whether you are just starting on your Lean Six Sigma journey or moving into a new phase, our support will ensure you are taking the best approach for your organisation.

Every organisation and team is different and has its own unique challenges. Our experience enables us to be highly flexible while adhering to best practice.

We deliver programmes both Online and In Person.


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What we offer

We can help you in the following areas:

Getting started:

  • Answering: Are we ready for Lean and or Six Sigma?
  • Design of your programme
  • Identifying and prioritising your most promising improvement projects
  • Business case development


  • Executive awareness training
  • Establishing the right support structure
  • Integrating Lean Six Sigma with your existing management systems
  • Selecting potential programme participants
  • Linking lean & Six Sigma with your other initiatives


  • Delivery of Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt training
  • Coaching your new Yellow, Green and Black Belts
  • Providing a certification and recognition process for your practitioners
  • Mentoring projects to ensure you gain financial or other worthwhile benefits



Our approach

Relevant to all sectors.

Despite starting from a manufacturing base, the techniques are just as relevant in the service sector. Some might even say that the opportunity here is greater.
Public and Private sectors alike stand to benefit from the application of this methodology. Our training content is full of examples from both service and manufacturing so that it appeals to and has high relevance in both areas.

Data driven and people led.

Our training goes beyond process and data analysis tools to incorporate the wider aspects of managing change with teams of people. Lean Six Sigma practitioners need to be able to inspire, motivate, and lead people as well as manage projects and implement fixes.

Highly interactive learning.

People learn more when they have fun. Engagement is higher, the serious points get through. Hence our training courses are highly interactive with imaginative hands-on exercises. Participants get to grips with the theory via practical application exercises. We continuously develop these learning tools to keep them fresh and relevant.


Our standard Lean Six Sigma ‘package’ is ready to go. However, we always discuss your particular requirements and challenges so that we can make the approach as relevant to you as possible.