Training & Coaching In Continuous Improvement

We build the Continuous Improvement capability in your department, division, organisation.

Learning is good. Application of learning is better.

We believe in providing the specific support you need. Despite covering just about every aspect of process and performance improvement, our menu of courses continues to grow and flex to new emerging requirements. We can configure training to meet your exact requirements and normally don’t charge for customisation of courses.

As you would expect, we are results driven people. Therefore, we want to see you gain a return on your investment.

We drive this in three ways:

  1. We discuss the course content with you prior to commencing any training to ensure what we deliver covers your needs entirely and has the right emphasis.
  2. People learn more if they are enjoying themselves. Our training courses are highly interactive with imaginative hands-on exercises.
  3. Our training courses are often backed up with coaching sessions. These are designed to support your people in applying what they have learned. The value in training does not come from the learning, it comes from the application of that learning.


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Download Training Brochures

Our standard list of training courses is given below. Download any PDF brochures of interest to get a feel for what we can do however, course development and customisation is part of our daily life. If you do not see specifically what you’re looking for here, don’t be put off – get in touch and we’ll create a course specially for you.

Our Approach

Our approach is to:

  • Gain some familiarity with your organisation, your current situation and challenges
  • Listen to your requirements for training and developing the capabilities of your people
  • Advise you on how we (or others) might be able to help
  • Suggest the appropriate training module or training programme
  • Discuss how we might configure this training to maximise its relevance to your situation
  • Advise how your people could best apply their learning and what coaching we could offer
  • Talk through how to select candidates
  • Propose the best schedule & training environment
  • Create a costed proposal for you
  • Deliver the module or programme & hold a mid and / or post programme review